Principal Investigator

Prof. Bilge Yildiz

Call: 617-324-4009

Email: byildiz


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
77 Massachusetts Avenue, 24-210
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Faculty website

Lab address

Building 13
3143, 3136, 3137, 4111
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA-02139

Administrative assistant

Nancy Iappini
Email: niappini
Call: 617-253-3803

Research Scientist

Postdoctoral Associates

Nicolas Emond

Email: emondn

Weiwei Fan

Email: fanww

Konstantin Klyukin

Email: klyukin

Kevin May

Email: kmay

Anisur Rahman

Email: rahmanm

Pjotrs Zguns

Email: pzguns

Graduate Students

Yen-Ting Chi

Email: yenting

Dongha Kim

Email: hkkdh

Vrindaa Somjit

Email: vrindaa

Jiayue Wang

Email: wangjy11

William (Yu Ren) Zhou

Email: wyrzhou

Miranda Schwacke

Email: mschwack

Younggyu Kim

Email: younggyu

Seungchan Ryu

Email: scryu

Sara Sand

Email: sarasand

Subhash Chandra

Email: subhashc